Thermiva is a revolutionary vaginal tightening treatment that will help you get rid of vaginal dryness and vaginal atrophy-associated issues.


What is thermiva?

Thermiva. It is a non-surgical treatment that helps to overcome the effects of vaginal aging and childbirth. This treatment involves radiofrequency energy, which will be applied over the affected area. The heat produced by the radiofrequency will stimulate collagen production. The radiofrequency then will gently remodel the labial and vaginal tissues while appropriately stimulating fibroblasts in the skin and mucosa.

This is a highly popular non-surgical treatment that offers “vaginal rejuvenation”, treating Vaginal Laxity skin. The use of radio frequency in anti-aging treatments is remarkably effective.


Why do you need thermiva treatment?

Vaginal Laxity frequently has an impact on sexual relationships because it makes many women conscious of their vaginal appearance, resulting in decreased sensation and satisfaction and that is why at Rejuven8 Med Spa, we offer painless thermiva treatment to effectively improve labial, vulvar, and vaginal elasticity.

Also, hormonal changes, aging, childbirth, and many other things can affect your vaginal health. If you feel your vaginal area is losing the desired elasticity and you are worried about it, you should look no further. Thermiva is the solution. In addition, Thermiva can help you get rid of frequent vaginal infections, itching, and dryness.


What to expect when you come to see us?

The entire treatment procedure is painless, noninvasive and does not require any anesthesia or any downtime. The radiofrequency is delivered through a soft and slender probe. One of our professionally qualified experts will use the probe in various areas like the labia majora, the labia minora, the peri clitoral skin.

Soon after the treatment, you can go back to your normal life or go back to work and most important there is no restriction on resuming sexual activity on the same day.

The procedure is fast and simple, even though three treatment sessions are suggested to get the best results, you will experience positive changes just after one session.

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